Venice – Sense of lover

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Every adventurer today, and irresistible lover called the name of Giacomo Casanova (2005. was made a movie about life and adventures of this well-known womanizer Giacomo Girolamo Casanova Chevalier De Seingalt). That lover walked trough this so inspirational streets of Venice, lived and became a legend. And he was one of the few people who escaped from prison.

Everything in Venice is in some kind of old spirit. They hardly keep their tradition, but of course, they have a lot of reasons for that. So unique city, and you have a feeling when you came into the city, that you’re back in the past, few centuries ago. Especially when famous Carnival happens. Do you know that approx. 3 million tourists visit Venice in period of Carnival?? And more than 50.000 tourists every day? So, don’t waste your time, buy a ticket to Venice and enjoy in all this beauty. In middle ages, it was the most important trading center in Europe and whole world, and as such, left for itself lot of wealth, what existing even today.


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