Salzburg – Marzipan and Music

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If you are interested in exploring more then Vienna in Austria, don’t miss city with adorable Mozartkugel. City of classical music, where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lives and create his music, known to everyone of us. Also, Salzburg is well-known by baroque architecture, what keeps even today. Calm, relaxing and lovely reason to take the time, and spend few days in this cultural sublime city.

Interesting story about Salzburg is the origin of the city name. Well, in middle age, trough river Salzach was transporting salt what was one of the most important products at that time. Because of the importance of salt, people made duty for clearance of salt. On that way, castle (because the castle was all in the area of today’s Salzburg) began to get rich. And salt became the main ingredient for the creation of the name Salzburg.

Munich is just on 150 km distance from Salzburg. So, visit it if you are with friends and family in Munich. Great excursion, and inspiring.

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