Paris – La Vie en rose!

| 11/19/2010 | 0 Comments

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“Midnight in Paris”, thank you Woody Allen for such an amazing presentation of the most romantic city in the whole world! Cliché perhaps, but until the moment you enter in Paris, after that, it will take your heart. Something in the air in that city force you to enjoy in every single moment you spend in Paris.

Do you know the story about man who tried to sell 2 times the Eiffel Tower? Yes, and he did it, and in the period of 2 months. Amazing. He is the undisputed God of fraud. And absolutely incredibly how much is Eiffel Towel demand on market :-) So, conclusion is that Paris is so beautiful, that people want to became owner of some property in Paris. Louvre, the most valuable and the most expensive acts of the most famous world artists ever. So, does anyone sell Paris? How much it cost? Nobody can afford it, Paris is unique and just by one word, amazing. Adorable.


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