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Probably you are often in a dilemma what accommodation to choose when you travel somewhere, and use website. Some cities has over then 1000 or 2000 type of accommodation. On, per day, happens over 750.000 reservation. Oh God! That means that on every 0,11 seconds one reservation happens. So, conclusion is that lot of people use this way to book accommodation.
We explored, and on our small representative model says that 40% people are looking for accommodation which has quality score. That means that they are reading every comment which left on this website. No matter how much reviews, they are interested in every word written for hotel/hostel/apartment they want to book. And for them, finally score is the most important thing before booking. 60% people are interested in “movement”, in number of reviews, because they think that greater number means quality. If lot of people book some accommodation, that means that worth to visit that place, no matter if that place isn’t so good as we expect.
Hotels are for people who can afford full accommodate. Some hotels has reasonable price, but they are probably far away from city center.
Hostels, cheap accommodation in progress. Some hostels have full accommodate as hotel, but for every pocket.
People choose apartment if they want full privacy, as they are at their home. Without any possibility to meet some other people.
What is your way to choose favorite hotel/hostel while you traveling? And what type you usually choose?

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