Greece – Land of Gods

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Now, we live in democratic society. Where to go? Of course in cradle of democracy, with very old history and lot of interesting stories. There is no better place on earth than Greece. Almost like a paradise. You must live 1400 years to visit every island once a year. 1400 islands, imagine? Of the most visited,up to at least. We will try to present you as much as we can, so you can choose where to go.

Greece is kultural very important country, to learn a lot about world history and development of society. People are so kind, welcome, and ready to help in any situation. Girls, take care, men in Greece learn from Apollo how to behave, so you have a lot of chance to stay in Greece. :-) But, if you watch the movie „Capatin Corelli’s Mandolin“, you saw a representative example of beautiful girl, what faithfully describe all Greece beauty, and beauty of people who lived in Greece.

Greeks are very cheerful people. You will enjoy in their company, and they keep an old tradition to banging plates while dancing Sirtaki. Sirtaki is great traditional, positive, folk music. And if you are ready to go to Greece, don’t miss to learn dancing Sirtaki.

In Greece, you can find accommodation for every taste. Especially in summer season, when a sandy beaches gets golden color, and when you can feel the taste of Giro on every step. How amazing is that! If you are interested in full accommodate, luxury hotels, or budget and students apartment, everything is available. Also, you can find romantic places, and places full of parties all night for young people. The only thing you should do, is to find the best place for your type of vacation, and your favorite accommodation, but we are absolutely sure that you wouldn’t wrong whatever you choose.

How to get Greece? First neighbours are Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey. If you are coming by bus, it is great possibilities to visit also non-so-famous countries, and see what they offer, and thay can offer you a LOT of beauties.

Let’s see Greek islands and big cities on lend.

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  1. Tatiana RU says:

    Great presentation! :-) I was last year in Greece, in Athens, and I really want recommend everyone to visit this beautiful country! I can wait new posts about Greek islands, because I surely get back in Greece on summer :-)

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