Fairytale Castle

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1,3 Million tourist every year visit this fairytale. This fact can tell you everything about importance of this so adorable, irresistible part of our earth what people create. Neuschwanstein Castle, located in Germany, in southwest Bavaria. It’s beauty is used for the most important thing in our life – creation of the imagination of our children. Symbol of Walt Disney cartoons is exactly this castle, and served as home of every Kingdoms we watched in such wonderful stories about love and friendships.

Created in 1837. by Ludwig II of Bavaria, and inspiration was drained from music of Richard Wagner. Now, it is one of the most visited parts of Germany and Europe. Especially is interesting in sunset, for couples who are in love, because it exudes with romance. So, please, don’t miss real Disneyland, and possibility to feel like the Cinderella or prince Arthur did.

The closest hotel is on just 0,1 km from Castle, so you can take a rest here. And with morning coffee in restaurant, trough great glass balcony first what you see is Fairytale. Hotel is rated with score with 8,2 on website booking, base on <700 reviews, what is Very Good score. Worth for visit, and enjoying.

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