Dubrovnik – Castle of the Knights

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At first sight, you think that you will meet Kings, their Knights and that you get back in the middle age. High walls represent a power of this great city in the region Dalmatia, on the Adriatic Sea, Croatia. How strong they were? Always on a collision of different sides of the world, were forced to defend themselves by building high walls around. Today, because of all beauty they own and historical significance, is under the protection of UNESCO.

So many fortress you must visit, and don’t do that alone. Hire a tour guide, who will help you to deeply understand this so important city for our history. After education, you are free for golden beaches and enjoying in turquoise color of Adriatic Sea. If you are in Montenegro at this moment, please, don’t miss excursion to Dubrovnik. Especially if you are in Herceg Novi. It is an amazing experience.

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