Danube cycling tour through Serbia

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The route is long approx. 667 km from Bački Breg to Bregovo. It is enough to meet Serbia, and feel the most beautiful places in this undiscovered country. And you will pass trough the two biggest cities in Serbia, and most important – Novi Sad and Belgrade. Whether you choose a camping or staying in some accommodation, you need to know that generally, Serbia is a cheap country, so you don’t need a lot of money for this trip.

You need a break on this parts of Serbia: The Iron Gates – the longest and largest gorge in Europe, located strictly on the border with Romania. Novi Sad is great station for a long brake. You will easily find great accommodation, in some hostels for a price from 10 eur or less. For private room from 15 eur. For example, bike parking exist in Downtown hostel Novi Sad, and it is really amazing hostel. Located in city center, what means that it is on great position for exploring the city. Novi Sad is beautiful city, where you’ll accumulate energy for the road. In Sremski Karlovci, you can made an excursion from Novi Sad (Sremski Karlovci – Novi Sad 14,99km). There you must try wine made by human hand. And you will fall in love with Sremski Karlovci, old, amazing town. After that Belgrade, capital city, and full of happenings. There you can find Prima Apartments Belgrade, also cheap, but luxury accommodation. So, you will see how real jungle with millions of people, looks like.

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