Amsterdam – Legalized fun

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   In Netherlands, the biggest city in this lovely country, but not capital. Amsterdam. Lot of people! And lot of bicycles (probably because of that constantly physical activity, they are keep healthy their mental activity)! Interesting city, so relax, and inspiring. Modern in their attitudes, but at the same time, they store traditional spirit, architecture and type of everyday living. Tulips and windmills are their trademark, but not the only one. It is well know that Amsterdam is famous because of free spirit they own. Yes, we mean on legalized prostitution and marijuana in Red zone. They had a lot of courage to do something like that in period of powerful struggles against the vices. For admire, really.

   And of course, don’t miss to drink Amstel beer. Founded in 1870, and it must be drunk! :-) Lot of tourists come to visit Amsterdam every year, but not just for fun, beer and legalized things. As we said, they strongly keep tradition and history. Everybody heard for one of the hardest confession ever – “The Diary of Anne Frank”, victim of the Holocaust. In front of her house, every day is a big crowd. Understandably. Everybody who reads this, remember her words “So what? I want to write, but more than that I want to bring to light various things that lie buried deep in my heart”. This is an invaluable asset of Dutch citizens.

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