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The Brand

Minute To Travel is the voice of travel writers who love to travel and share their experience with other people. We’re passionate about discovering the world, different type of cultures and fascinating people, bringing our readers unique stories. Minute To Travel launched in 2014 and has successfully established itself in consumer travel online magazines.


Minute To Travel is full of you-are-there photography, authentic travel experiences and insightful storytelling from award winning travel writers. Also, people love to read authentic stories, writing with lot of love, specific and useful information. Our features are packed full of useful information and advice to inspire readers to get up and go — and provide them with the tools to do so. Write about the best thing you did on your trips. And give the reasons why to visit something.

Our readers

Our readers are everybody who likes to travel, either on an exclusive or cheap trips, with a desire to see the world first-hand. Maybe they can afford to travel up to three times a year on short breaks, and once-in-a-lifetime destinations on an annual or biannual basis. So, our mission is to present them the world on the best possible way, and help them choose destination where to go. They will not forego travel as non-essential to their lifestyle and truly believe travel is a necessity not a luxury.


– Generally about the destination (on easy and cosy way)

– What to visit in that place?

– What to see?

– Where and what to eat?

– Is it a cheap or expensive destination?

– And everything else you think that can help our readers.


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